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Altinn, Norway’s leading digital government platform is revolutionizing public services. From antiquated green web forms built on InfoPath and Sharepoint, to standalone, cloud native, fully customizable applications running in Kubernetes on Azure. And everything is open-source, available on Github.

We will talk about what it takes to develop a self-service government platform that lets agencies develop and test their applications, deploy them to the cloud and make applications available for all citizens and businesses in Norway. We will also describe the architecture chosen and go into details of some of
the technologies used like Kubernetes, Docker, .Net Core, React.

The talk will be performed by Nina Kylstad, Stephanie Buadu, and Rune T. Larsen with more than 20 years of combined developer experience on the Altinn Platform.

Altinn is regarded as one of the 5 leading digital government platforms in the world by Gartner.

The current platform serves over 50 agencies with 700+ services. The past year more than 70 million messages and forms were sent through Altinn. Used by 90% of the population and almost 100% of the businesses every year, the platform is one of the most important contributions to Norway’s consistent high ranking on digital government indicators in the world.


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