This is the #1 trick to double your online dates.
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I highly suggest to use only Bumble and Hinge dating app. What you say in your profile matters. Girls can’t just simply tell your value as a guy by looking at your photos but by reading the descriptions.

I am going to show you my top three tricks to double your online dates.

1. FLIPPING THE SCRIPT. In this technique, you will be the selector. You are including a line in your profile that you do not say YES to every hot girl you see. You do so by setting up your profile the correct way. You will stand out from so many other men if you create it this way.

2. THE FIRST MESSAGE. Stand out from 98% of other men by saying the right words to get the conversation going and to make things happen. About 30% of guys use 1-6 words on their first message. Put a little amount of effort and compose a longer message to get the best results.

3. DATE ASAP. Get the girl on a date as soon as possible. The best way to get a girl on a date is either to get her phone number or voice message her on Instagram. When you have a pretty cool profile on Instagram it also adds another tool in your arsenal of attraction. If you are not that active on Instagram, go and get the phone number and send her voice messages and call her rather than just simply texting her.

When you do this, you will stand out from other guys.

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