This is an inspection of a waffle slab that Cornell Engineers completed some time ago and the original video has been on Youtube for quite a while except I’ve done a voice over with a description of some of the things we were looking at during the inspection.
Don’t forget, this was not the inspection required for a Form 16 inspection certificate and we weren’t checking the slab against the drawings – that inspection had already been done by the design engineer’s inspector.
This was an inspection of the waffle slab for the owner’s peace of mind and we were just checking against good practice in the assembly and make up of the waffle slab before it was poured.
So during the inspection we talk about the pods themselves, the ribs that are formed between the waffle pod void formers, the edge beams of the waffle slab, the slab reinforcement, the beam reinforcement, penetrations, cover, (which is the amount of concrete around the reinforcement once it has been poured) and edge reinforcement.
if you’re building with a volume builder and you get a chance to take a video of your slab before it is poured I strongly recommend doing it. A video is better than 1000 pictures and a video like this can help rule out problems with the slab if problems ever arise.
I guess this video will help you know what to take a video of!


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